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About Us

About Us

From its UK offices Greentree-Shercon supplies an ever increasing range of top quality precision masking, protection products and materials. Innovative thinking over the years has added many exclusive products to our portfolio. For example our custom Rubber Products for the OEM market are designed and manufactured with the benefit of nearly 60 years’ experience. Today materials are approved and used by companies in aerospace, telecommunications, defence, construction, medical, automotive, marine, heavy equipment etc throughout the UK and worldwide.

Masking is more than just supplying components from stock expecting one design to meet all needs. With its extensive dedicated design and production facilities Greentree-Shercon employ engineers ready and capable to discuss with customers the mechanical and chemical requirements of masking solutions. Our engineering solutions team improves the efficiency of your finishing operation by:

  • Increasing your production line speed
  • Decreasing your reject rate
  • Reducing your labour costs
  • Improving the quality of your product
  • Reducing your masking and protection costs
  • Eliminating costly-secondary operations

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of masking systems with an enviable range of products distributed internationally, we can offer continuity of supply for todays’ global market place.

In the UK large stocks are available for next day delivery supported by free samples, technical advice, on-site visits and a custom design service to meet your production needs. However small or large, Greentree-Shercon will be pleased to meet your needs and supply to your order.

To supplement our range, Greentree-Shercon is also a distributor of other companies’ products including market leaders such as 3M and other International tape manufacturers. As we are continually adding to our range, this website only gives an indication of just some of the products available.

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