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Metal Finishing To Military Specifications

A metal finisher was coating a die cast metal aerospace fixture to military specifications using a harsh coating regime. Different fixtures had a varying number of slots that needed protection from coating, and hand-taping them was a time-consuming task – requiring an average of two hours for each fixture.

  • Hand-masking was very time consuming
  • Any mask would have to protect the slots from deposition during a hostile coating process
  • The number of slots in the fixtures varied, so any masking solution would also have to be versatile

Shercon’s solution?

A custom slotted push plug that provided a liquid-tight seal – and slashed installation times 90%.

Shercon’s innovative masking solution is extremely versatile and installs in five minutes instead of the 120 minutes required to tape. It provides a liquid-tight seal, yet it can mask any number of slots, adapting to the different sized die cast fixtures coated by our customer. Custom molded from Shercon Ultrabake(tm) material, it handles even difficult finish environments and lasts through many cycles, lowering overall part cost.

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