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Associated Products

Associated Products

Greentree-Shercon can supply an extensive range of associated products suitable for the surface finishing industry. These include:


A range of different thickness magnetic sheet which can be cut to your design. Available in gloss, plain or adhesive backed. Used on its own it will withstand temperatures to 90ºc. Used in conjunction with silicone rubber or metal sheeting it can withstand temperatures of 240ºc.


Suitable for complex masking of irregular shaped holes, channels and recesses. High flexibility on tolerances of threaded and plain holes. Available as sheeting in sizes from 1mm to 4mm and also in cylindrical and rectangular cord format.


Polythene or paper covers providing excellent protection masking components during manufacture. Ideal for wet paint, pre-treatment and other spray applications where large areas or shapes require protection. Elasticated or adhesive sealed. Can be provided with a corrosion inhibitor to protect metal components during manufacture, transport and storage.

O-RINGS (250ºC)

A wide choice of O-Rings, gaskets and seals in a selection of diameters, cross sections and materials.


Custom designed reusable edging strips in different materials, ideal for masking or protecting plain or profile edges.


We can provide an extensive range of heat shrink tubing which can be used for masking irregular shaped components.


Each starter kit contains a useful selection of compatible products (e.g silicone plugs) in a sturdy reinforced box. Ideal for low volume work or prototypes. Can be customised.

Electro Platers Vinyl

Good chemical resistance during plating. Conformable, removes easily. Available in either tape form or in a range of standard disc sizes or die-cut to your design. Rubber adhesive.

Aerospace Tapes

A range of tapes used specifically in the aerospace industry and approved by leading aero-engine and main frame manufacturers worldwide.

Anodising Tape(77º)

Conformable, removes cleanly. Abrasion/chemical resistant ideal for both hard and soft anodising. Available in either tape form or in a range of standard disc sizes or die-cut to your design. Rubber adhesive.

Kwiky Booth

A white, peelable protective coating designed to protect walls, floors and working surfaces within a spray booth from over spray and contamination.

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