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Paper Tapes

Paper Tapes

Greentree-Shercon supply a broad range of masking and associated tapes for varied applications.

These tapes are available in a variety of standard and custom widths and many can be supplied in standard die-cut shapes such as discs or squares.

3M Paper Tape Range
As of 01/04/2012 3M are consolidating their range of paper masking tapes down to a simple colour coded range of 6, UK made products to meet all your masking needs. More information can be found here, if you have any concerns or queries on how this may affect you please feel free to contact us

Tapes should be applied to clean surfaces, firmly pressing into place to ensure good overall adhesion. Removal should be as soon as possible to leave a residue free surface.

Always rotate stock. Do not crush. Storage temperature 13°C-30°C. Full technical information and MSDS available. REACH compliant.

Other widths available on request

WIDTH MM WIDTH IMPERIAL 30°C 2120 PART NUMBER 60°C 2214 PART NO 80°C 2321 PART NO 95°C 202 PART NO 100°C 2364 PART NO 120°C 250 PART NO 135°C 7120 PART NO 135°C 1104 PART NO 150°C KD11 PART NO 160°C 4330 PART NO 160°C 2610 PART NO 170°C 7130 PART NO 180°C SAT PART NO 200°C 2595 PART NO
5.00 KD11-5MM
6.00 2595-6MM-H
6.35 1/4″ KD11-0250
9.53 3/8″ KD11-0375
10.00 KD11-10MM GTE4330-10MM
12.00 2214-12MM GTE4330-12MM 7130-12MM 2595-12MM-H
12.70 1/2″ KD11-0500 SAT-0500
15.00 KD11-15MM
19.00 2120-19MM 2321-19MM 202-19MM 2610-19MM
19.05 3/4″ KD11-0750 SAT-0750
20.00 KD11-20MM
24.00 7120-24MM 7130-24MM
25.00 2120-25MM 2214-25MM 2321-25MM 202-25MM 2364-25MM 1104-25MM KD11-25MM GTE4330-25MM 2610-25MM 2595-25MM-H
25.40 1″ 250-1000 KD11-1000 SAT-1000
30.00 KD11-30MM
38.00 2120-38MM 2214-38MM 2321-38MM 202-38MM 2364-38MM 2610-38MM
38.10 1 1/2″ KD11-1500
40.00 KD11-40MM
45.00 KD11-45MM
48.00 7120-48MM 7130-48MM
50.00 2120-50MM 2214-50MM 2321-50MM 202-50MM 2364-50MM 1104-50MM KD11-50MM GTE4330-50MM 2610-50MM 2595-50MM-H
50.80 2″ KD11-2000 SAT-2000
72.00 7120-72MM
75.00 2120-75MM 2214-75MM 2321-75MM 202-75MM 2364-75MM 1104-75MM 2610-75MM
76.20 3″ KD11-3000
80.00 KD11-80MM
100.00 2120-100MM 2321-100MM 202-100MM 2364-100MM 1104-100MM KD11-100MM 2610-100MM
101.60 4″ KD11-4000
150.00 KD11-150MM
152.40 6″ KD11-6000

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