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Custom Masking

Custom Masking

Consider Custom – A truly Perfect Fit With Your Needs

Standard moulds and masks often solve standard problems. But many customers are discovering the benefits of a custom engineered solution – one that applies more quickly, lasts longer, produces a superior finish, or even eliminates an extra finishing step entirely. The costs savings can be dramatic – simply eliminating a single manual finishing step can have a dramatic impact on line speeds and product quality.

  • Improve worker productivity
  • Improve production line speeds
  • Create better finish quality
  • Reject/refinish fewer parts
  • Eliminate manual steps from the finishing process
  • Reusable masks (lowering costs and satisfying “green” objectives)

How do you know if you’re ready for a custom masking solution? Let Greentree-Shercon’s Engineering Solutions Team help. We can respond to your request with a proposal in a few days – and create prototypes rapidly. Ask us. We won’t waste your time.

Solve Complex Masking Problems With Custom Moulds

Recent advances in custom moulded rubber masks have revolutionized the masking industry. Made from new high-tech materials, custom moulded rubber masks can protect even unusual surfaces and parts against the most hostile finishing processes – and install and remove easily in literally seconds. They are reusable, durable, and can mask almost any two or three dimensional part or aperture. Tooling costs can be higher than with other masking methods, but eliminating multiple manual finish steps or dramatically speeding installation and removal, typically return that investment very, very quickly.

  1. Send us a drawing, sketch or part to be masked along with a description of the challenge you face
  2. Within a few days, we will send you an analysis, quote, and concept drawing (if appropriate)
  3. Upon acceptance we produce a detailed engineering drawing
  4. Approve the drawing, and we will mould prototype mask for testing and evaluation at your facility
  5. After approval/refinement of samples is complete, Greentree-Shercon can produce custom moulded masks very quickly

Efficient And Effective: Custom Die-Cuts

Extremely effective when masking a flat surface, custom die-cuts are quick to apply and remove. They can incorporate pull tabs to speed the masking process. Supplied in kit form to aid the operator. Or supplied on application tape where large or multiple shapes can be applied easily or in one operation. Ideal for powder coat, E-coat, wet paint and even plating applications, custom die cuts are an economical way to eliminate tedious manual masking steps from any finishing line. These are often a cost-savings replacement for laboriously creating masks in your own finishing shop.

  1. Provide a drawing, sketch, part or description – and how this application is challenging you
  2. Within 24 hours, we’ll create prototypes for testing – and send them to you overnight so you can test them the next day
  3. Production can begin as soon as we receive your approval and purchase order – with delivery times as low as a couple of days

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