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Custom Mouldings

Custom Mouldings

In addition to the products listed in this brochure we can modify existing designs or produce completely new ones to suit your particular application. We offer a wide range of materials including Polyisoprene and SBR to compounds such as Neoprene, Nitrile and EPR to more advanced organic or inorganic compounds such as Hypalon® Epichlorohydron, Ultrabake™ Silicone, Fluorosilicone and Viton® . Our materials, including rubber to metal bondings, solve engineering problems dealing with shock absorption, vibration, insulation, sealing, corrosion protection, friction, temperature and abrasion protection as well as masking solutions. We offer low tooling costs from one offs to large production runs.

Engineering Solutions Team

They’re not just the Engineering Solutions Team.
They’re your Engineering Solutions Team

A hand-picked, experienced group of mechanical, industrial and chemical engineers, who have created innovative, cost-effective solutions to problems for almost every imaginable industry.

Custom Mould Process

Our custom mould process ensures you will receive a quality engineered solution.


Custom moulded masks require custom tooling – but not until our design engineers have evaluated the problem and presented a clear, creative solution for your evaluation.

Rapid Prototype

At the concept stage, we can supply a rapid prototype so you can evaluate the proposed solution. These rapid prototypes can be generated in days.

Drawing Approval

Once you are happy with the custom mould design, we will provide an Engineering drawing before we manufacture any tooling. The drawing will detail the standards and tolerances we will be working to for your custom mould.

First Articles

The next step is for us to provide you with first article pieces of your custom mould. These can be tested right on your production line.


When you approve the first articles, we move into production. In our state-of-the-art facility, we custom-mix every mask compound from our extensive recipe database, and mould masks to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Greentree-Shercon’s custom moulds save time and money!

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