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Die Cuts

Die Cuts

Die cuts are available in discs, donuts, squares, rectangles and more. With so many different shapes, sizes and materials options in stock, your masking possibilities are endless and a solution is never far away! Greentree-Shercon’s high temperature die-cuts provide an efficient and accurate method of consistently masking off parts with simple or complex shapes and configurations. These simple solutions will significantly reduce labour costs and improve part quality. Custom sizes are available from stock and shipped same day, so call our sales reps for a fast quote. We’ve got you covered!

  • Cost effective when masking a flat surface
  • Eliminate tedious manual masking
  • Quick and easy to apply and remove
  • Wide variety of materials up to 260°C
  • Pull tabs available to speed up removal
  • Available in kits to aid the operator and act as a quality control
  • Application tape for applying multi-shapes in one operation
  • Suitable for powder coating, e-coating, wet paint and plating and more
  • Samples from your drawings within 48 hours
  • Produced in-house using materials used and approved by industry including aerospace. Materials include crepe paper, polyester, lead foil, aluminium foil, Teflon, electroplaters vinyl, thermal/plasma spray, polyimide tape
  • Next day delivery

Download our custom die-cuts and moulds leaflet here

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